Author: S.Savaş DURDURAN, Fatih SARI

Publishing Date: 2011

ISSN: 1300-5200

E-ISSN: 1304-8708

Volume: 26 Issue: 1


In today’s society for the purpose of providing human transportation, human‐powered vehicles (bicycle etc…) are commonly used as well as motor vehicles depend to terrain. In most of the countries, because it provides convenient access in terms of traffic and economic solutions, bicycles are using in urban transportation intensely. But there are some risk factors when using bicycles on traffic as like accidents.

Konya province in Turkey has a smoothest terrain model comparing the other provinces. Because of this, it has intensive bicycle traffic in daily life. Therefore, this situation can cause fatal traffic accidents when crushing with the motor vehicles. For the purpose of preventing the bicycle accidents, with considering urban settlements and population, a web based geographical information system is created for Konya

This web based geographical information system is created by integrating ArcGIS and GeoServer softwares. By using ArcGIS ArcObjects software language, there is a user form created for process of the bicycle accident information as like accident coordinates, addresses and type of accidents. With this form, all the information is saved into geodatabases and required analysis techniques are realized with this information. Roads, trade and urban regions, population and past accident layers are integrated into database for analyzing new accidents and determine the solutions for preventing the accidents.

Key Words: WEB GIS; Geographical Information Systems; Decision Support Systems; Spatial Analysis

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