Manuscript Correction

Manuscript Correction Services

Manuscript correction means making any necessary corrections so that the manuscript can be published correctly. If the manuscript is completely written, there may be no need to correct the manuscript because there is no correction. However, in general, it is impossible for authors to understand and submit all the submission rules of the journal. Higher quality journals can be completed through the efforts of everyone involved in the journal, such as authors, journal editors, reviewers, manuscript editors, and manuscript proofreaders.

Jats Tech is a professional journal dedicated to correction work for many years, and is looking at the professional correction of academic journals. It is divided into basic calibration and additional calibration. If you look at the list below, you may think it’s natural, but I’m actually fixing a lot of it while looking at the calibration. Additional calibrations are time consuming, so they are done as a separate request.

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There is a saying, “Forms dominate content.” If the style and format of the journal require a high level, it means that the content of the journal is also maintained at a higher level.

Jats Tech consistently benchmarks world-class academic journals, and consistently checks the regulations of academics and academics. To increase the quality of academic journals, a competent academic professional publisher is essential. Jats Tech is a professional service provider for develop Jats Xml and PDFs through Jats Xml and EPubs that will help to improve the quality of academic journals.

We encourage to the authors to work with us for PDFs,  JATS XML and EPUBs.