What concern to our journal. We have problems with indexation

What concern to our journal. We have problems with indexation of our articles in SCOPUS and we would like to be included to WEB OF SCIENCE. 

Technical support from SCOPUS tells me, it will be faster when you deliver us XML JATS… OK I start looking what it is. It takes me 1 year of reading discussion forums and studies what is it XML, XML JATS….. 

Consequently, when I learn what it is, my first idea was to buy some software. Unfortunately, I did not know what software to use, how can be used… There is not many software. I found 5 software, some of them are free, but you need to know coding… and some of them are commercial and costs a lot of money… or license costs really a lot. It is not possible for small journal to pay 5000 EUR/year for the license…. 

Consequently, I was looking who can do it for me… I found two or three companies (your, one from India, one from Croatia) but there was not any price in the web sites. OK I understand it is difficult to put prices on web because another company can give smaller price…. It is difficult. Why we choose your company? You have good price! Consequently, we have found, the quality of your work is really good and work is really fast! Today we do not have plans to change your company, we was implemented your services to our publication fee. 

Economical balance: Average publication fee per article: 130 EUR Editorial works: -30 EUR Data conversion: -10 EUR Authenticate plagiarism check: -1 EUR Crossref: -2 EUR Review: -40 EUR Webhosting: 5 EUR It means we have: 42 EUR from one article 100 articles x 42 EUR = 4200 EUR/year – 20% TAX = 3360 EUR (benefit) It is not so match but it is better than 0 and publication in our journal is interesting for many people because they are fulfilling criteria established by universities which are important for working carrier of these scientist or teachers. We have a contact and … Publication in our journal increase ranking of our university. We have plans to be included by WEB OF SCIENCE, if this will happen, then we can increase publication fee to 250 EUR or more and increase our benefit. We are very small journal and we are doing this works because it is interesting for us, it is something like prestige. Such small journals do not use editorial software from ELSEVIER or CLARIVATIVE… they are really not cheap and they are only for big publisher houses or big universities. Do not forget, there is a more than 10 000 journal with free PKP OJS installations and they are using this open source editorial software for article publication. Install one in your server and try to publish article in HTML format generated from XML JATS. 

You will find there are not any descriptions how to do it. Big publisher houses know what is it XML JATS and how can be used. Big publishers have XML conversion software. Small publishers, journals, universities do not understand what is it XML JATS and why they should start to use it. I recommend you to prepare some short video and upload it to your site and YouTube: – Why to convert docx or pdf to XML JATS. – How XML JATS can be used: o Delivery of full-text content to SCOPUS and WEB OF SCIENCE o PKP OJS (you can describe how journal can use XML files to generate HTML version or PDF version) Small journals exactly do not understand what is it XML JATS and they do not know how can be used. In most of journals, the editorial board and editors are scientists without any software or programming knowledge. They like science….. Do not forget financial budget of these journals is small. Some of them publish without any publication fees (universities journals) and have some sponsor (university) and they do not have finance for any investments or continual improvement. It will be difficult for you to learn journals what are the publication standards… they will not understand… I am not coder, but I have some knowledge about php, xml, iOS applications, html… and I can install and upgrade PKP OJS software in our hostgator account. I do almost all technical things itself (website, design, it means we do not pay to any programmer). If I have some problems I consult problems with one senior-programmer who exactly know what to do and help me. 

But…. many journals do not have such level of knowledge. Conclusion: – Video will help you get more clients – Good price – Quality of work If you do how the Know to help to fasten the metadata delivery to SCOPUS or WOS and these data to be shown in these databases immediately after article publication than you can increase the price of your services. 

This is very important for authors and journals!

Peter Zajac,
Chief Editor,
potravinarstvo Journal