CrossRef Services

CrossRef Services

Global and diverse organizations such as libraries, publishers, search engines, analytics companies and many more use Crossref metadata. Benefit from heightened discoverability of your research outputs by using, distributing and combining metadata in various services and sources.

What Do We Do?

Create DOIs

At JatsTech, we offer to make XML file format DOIs according to the Crossref Deposit Schema.

Citation Linking

In addition to using DOIs to link to references that appear in their content, Crossref members can retrieve the DOIs of other publications that cite their content. This optional service, called cited-by linking (previously forward linking), enables Crossref members to display cited-by links in the primary content that they publish.

Funding Data

Funders are able to track publications that are produced due to their grants and includes use of facilities or equipment, salary awards, etc. Our funding data service collects funding source information for publications deposited with Crossref.

Text & Data Mining

The Crossref Text and Data Mining service address the issue of text and data mining scholarly literature by providing a Crossref Metadata API that can be used by researchers to access the full text of content identified by Crossref DOIs across publisher sites and regardless of their business model.

Depositing References

JatsTech provides service for depositing references or article metadata in an XML file formatted according to the Crossref deposit schema.