Author: Burhan UZBAŞ

Publishing Date: 2010

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume: 25 Issue: 4


It is known by everyone that concrete is commonly used as a construction material. One of the usage areas of concrete is using as protective material in fire resistance applications (fireproof) of industrial steel structures.

As it is known that besides their excellent structural properties, significant losses occur in mechanical properties of steel structure elements at high temperatures. Unknown behavior of steel elements exposed to high temperatures causes problems such as using inadequate or excessive material during design. Because of this steel structures need to be protected against the effects of fire. When it is considered that fireproof applications increase construction costs, its degree of importance comes out. In this regard, studies for improving the behavior of steel at high temperatures are becoming very important.

In this study, information about fireproof application, one of the methods for protecting steel structure elements against effects of fire, is given and application examples are presented.

Key Words: Steel; fire resistant; fireproof

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