Author: Bilgehan YILMAZ

Publishing Date: 2005

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume 20 Issue 3


“The children who have only architectural incapacity problems and have not mentally disabilities were deprived of education services. The main reason of this is combination of all kinds of incapacities in “disabled” concept. The separation of disabled as “to have basic education” and “to have private education” is important to determine the group which will obtain the society and have educated. The aim is breeding all of the disableds as individuals for useful to society. It can be possible with simple architectural arrangements. In “Disabled 2003 Congress” as a speaker Prof. Dr Haim Ring who is the chief of National Rehabilitation Organization and the chairman of rehabilitation rostrum in Tel Aviv University, determined that; “The new tendencies are being searched and inclusive education is the best rehabilitation and therapy method. He sugessted to disabled people to study and have education with abled people. At this study, the place and class arrangements examined for healthy application of inclusion method in basic education schools. The place needs and arrangement criteria’s of blind and physically handicapped who constitutes the largest group according to architectural necessities are described. The needs to transportation to basic education schools and the inner school places are determined”

Key Words: Physically handicapped; inclusion education; basic education; physical needs.

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