Author: Selcuk DARICI, Ali ATEŞ, Şefik BİLİR

Publishing Date: 2005

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume 20 Issue 3


Transient conjugated heat transfer in laminar pipe flow is analysed involving two-dimensional wall and fluid axial conduction. The problem is solved numerically by a finite difference method for a semi-infinite pipe which is initially isothermal and both for hydrodynamically developing and developed flow with a sudden change in the ambient temperature. Heat transfer characteristics of the flow are found to be sensitive to the velocity profile. The results are given by non-dimensional interfacial heat flux values, the outer and inner wall temperatures, bulk temperatures, radial distributions of the fluid temperatures and Nusselt numbers. In order to illustrate the effects of the velocity profile, the results for the developing flow and for the parabolic velocity profile are plotted as comparative.

Key Words: Conjugated heat transfer; transient heat transfer, simultaneously developing flow; numerical solution.

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