Author: Ercan H. OĞUZALP, Saim KORUR

Publishing Date: 2005

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume 20 Issue 3


This study is about the problems faced in the application and the utilization of tunnel formwork system that is commonly used to meet the residence need increasing every passing day. Having some problems that could not be solved because of the details not applied by the manufacturers thought of production costs, constitutes disadvantages beside its benefits to our country and manufacture in terms of system. In the formation of the study, various books, thesis, articles, web sites about the industrialized construction techniques and tunnel formwork production system and the catalogues of construction firms are scanned and these materials contributed to obtain the findings by the use of scan-describe method. During the stage of determining the problems, the housing estate applications built with tunnel formwork system in Konya are chosen as the work area and the visual data – obtained by research-observation – belonging to these applications are utilized. As a result it can be said that if solution ways directed at the encountered problems depending on the wrong applications of production firms because of their economical worries are not searched, this system will no longer be advantageous.

Key Words: Tunnel formwork system; prefabrication; industrialization in construction; housing estate; preconstruction.

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