Author: Hasan Hüsnü KORKMAZ

Publishing Date: 2018

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume: 6 Issue: 3


Earthquake behaviour of structural systems strongly depends on geometry of the building. The seismic motions can create unpredictable displacements and corresponding structural members may be forced more than that was evaluated. Torsional response of structures is very important for earthquake resistant design philosophy. In this study, overhangs in buildings and their effect on torsional displacements under seismic forces was evaluated. The model building has 5 different overhang alternatives and 3 different overhang lengths. Structural systems were modelled in a finite element packed program ETABS and investigated under response spectrum analyse cases. Mode superposition method used for determination of dynamic properties. Effect of cantilever overhangs in seismic response were evaluated.

Keywords: earthquake, irregularity, overhangs, torsional response, earthquake code.

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