Author: Emrah TURAN, Meral OLTULU

Publishing Date: 2018

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume: 6 Issue: 3


In this study, the mechanical properties of concrete, one of the composite materials widely used for the construction sector in the world, with adding monofilament fishing line that can be used in many different areas has been investigated. It was investigated whether or not the monofilament fishing line could be considered as the structural fiber. In order to determine the mechanical properties of fibrous concrete split tensile, compressive, and flexural strength tests were performed. As polypropylene fiber and polyamide-based fibers available from the market, nylon-based monofilament fishing line was added at 0,5%, 1,0% and 1,5% by volume. Experimental results showed that the use of monofilament fishing line as a structural fiber were possible and showed a similar effect as the other structural fibers. As a result of the experiments compared to the plain concrete, it was found that adding 0,5% monofilament fishing line increasing the compressive strength and flexural strength by 19% and 26% respectively. While adding 1,0% monofilament fishing line increased the split tensile strength by 23%. As a result, monofilament fishing line which can remain intact for many years in nature could be evaluated as structural fiber.

Keywords: monofilament fishing line; structure fiber; polypropylene(PP) fiber; polyamide(PA) fibers..

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