Author:Ali SARI, Derya KOCA, Saday Azadoğlu ALİYEV

Publishing Date: 2004

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume 19 Issue 2


Hydrocarbon potential of oil rock samples collected from the sediments of Gökçesu basin of Eocene age were evaluated through the organic geochemical, organic petrographical, gas chromatographic and iatroscan chromatographic analysis. The results were interpreted according to the amount of organic matter, type of organic matter, organic maturation, lithology of depositional environment and hydrocarbon potential. Organic matters are mostly of oil and oil/gas prone type Type I and Type II kerogen. The thermal maturation of oil rocks was determined through pyrolysis analysis: Tmax and production index (PI) and spor-colour index (SCI) and it falls into the diagenetic and at the beginning of oil generation zone. Oil rocks of the Tokmaklar formation bears poor to perfect source rock potential in regard to their organic carbon contents. However, thermal maturation of the analyzed samples is low, therefore do not yet have the potential to yield economical hydrocarbon.

Key Words: Oil rock; organic matter; Mengen; algae

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