Author: Tevfik AĞAçAYAK, Veysel ZEDEF, Salih AYDOĞAN

Publishing Date: 2004

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume 19 Issue 2


In this work, optimum enriching possibilities of Topraktepe-Beysehir (Konya) chromites from abondoned mine (mined by ADO Mining Inc.) were searched. Enriching method employed. In this research study was high intensity wet magnetic separation (Boxmag Rapid LHWL type). Magnetic separation tests were carried out by using 250 g samples of – 0.106+0.075 mm, -0.075+0.053 mm, – 0.053+0.038 mm, -0.038 mm particle fractions. Effects of current intensity applied through magnetic separator to Cr2O3 grade and recovery for each particle size were researched in detail. In the tests, current intensity of 5, 10, 20 amperes and voltages of 40, 90, 185 volt were applied to selected four particle fractions. According to test results, it was observed that the best results were obtained by using 20 ampere of current intensity. As a result of tests, it was showed that concentrates could be produced with a Cr2O3 grade of 51.06 %, recovery of 86.67 %, weight of 69.37 % in -0.106+0.075 mm particle fraction, Cr2O3 grade of 51.74 %, recovery of 86.55 %, weight of 77.32 % in -0.075+0.053 mm particle fraction, Cr2O3grade of 50.13 %, recovery of 60.14 %, weight of 57.18 % in -0.053 +0.038 mm particle fraction, Cr2O3 grade of 49.79 %, recovery of 69.74 %, weight of 39.75 % in -0.038 mm particle fraction using 20 ampere current intensity in all tests.

Key Words: Chromites; enrichment; high intensity wet magnetic separation; Topraktepe chromites.

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