Author: S.Savaş DURDURAN, Yasemin DURDURAN

Publishing Date: 2009

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume24 Issue 3


As a result of the development on information technologies Geographical Information System implementation areas are increasing rapidly and GIS has an important role on the sanitary actions. GIS applications on health and environment come to order in our country as well. Of late years the effects of the environment and the relationship between the ambiance and the health are being investigated particularly. The health centers are increasing day by day and the people coming formedical treatment are mostly being affected by their environments like air pollution. For the diagnosis of the illnesses it will be very important and helpful to know the regions, countries and provinces which the patients come from. In the Konya city center with the help of the GIS technologies and the regional data it is planned to create risk maps with the help of the data from Konya Numune Hospital which is used to associate the heart and respiratory tract illnesses, positional determination, analysis and detection of the positional causes of the illnesses for the years 2005‐2006‐2007‐2008. This study will create Thematic maps according to the region, age, gender of the patient and the diagnosis of the illness with the help of the data from the hospital. Locational determination and analysis will be done by associating these maps.

Key Words: Geographical Information Systems; Health; Respiration.

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