Author: Mehmet Emin BAŞAR, Hacı Abdullah ERDOĞAN

Publishing Date: 2009

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume 24 Issue 3


There are some factors which are effective at the cities’ development, at the formation of urban spaces and architectural buildings. There are historical events, important inventions, social and economic developments initial of that factors. The railways which had brought a lot of influence and advance with itself are a crucial advance in the world history. Because of that these influences and advances had bounced to the urban spaces and architecture .International communication became easier and faster because of railways that was invented by the beginning of 19.century and then entered a progress process. New architectural buildings and urban spaces occurred by the construction of railways and railway station buildings, had been built. Today industry buildings take place in the research of architectural history and conservation. Formerly the architectural importance and urban identifies of railway buildings had taken place out of the architectural pronunciation and arguments and now they have regained quality of constructions that was considered important. These buildings that bounced historical process of their construction period, after their construction, have symbolize a term by creating exchange in city and making up new urban spaces. In this study the examples of railway buildings were selected through existing in the border of Turkey and constructed until earlier Republic years. After brief definition of these examples, a typology work has arranged about railway buildings forming a group.

Key word: Railways; Railway Buildings; Konya Station; Anadolu – Bagdad Railway.

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