Author: S Azhar Ali , Atya Hassan and Mahboob Muhammad

Publishing Date: 2018

E-ISSN: 1011-601X

Volume 31 Issue 2


The electrochemical study of the Gemifloxacin has been conducted using cyclic voltammetry technique at gold electrode. Gemifloxacin is antibacterial compound. In present study the electrochemical parameters of Gemifloxacin were determined in (0.04M) Britton Robinson Buffer as a supporting electrolyte at different pH ranging from 2-6 pH. This buffer was selected according to the appropriate solubility of these pharmaceutical compounds. Voltammograms of Gemifloxacin have been recorded at six different scan rates of 20, 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500mV/s. Different electrochemical parameters such as peak potential (Ep), peak current (Ip), transfer coefficient (α), number of electron (nα), diffusion coefficient (D), and heterogeneous rate constant (K0 ) were determined. Moreover, diagnostics tests have also been applied to define the electrochemical behavior of Gemifloxacin showed quasi reversible redox process with two electron transfers at the electrode.

Keywords: Gemifloxacin, cyclic voltammetry, gold electrode, antibacterial compound, electrochemical parameters, Britton Robinson buffer, supporting electrolyte, quasi reversible, adsorption.

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