Author: Mehrdad Mirzarahimi and Manouchehr Barak

Publishing Date: 2018

E-ISSN: 1011-601X

Volume 31 Issue 2


This study aim was to compare the therapeutic efficacy of Curosurf and Survanta in preterm infants which were admitted into NICU. In this interventional study, 150 preterm infants divided randomly in two groups (75 in Survanta and 75 in Curosurf). Data analyzed by statistical methods in SPSS.19. The significance level was considered to be P<0.05. There were no statistically significant differences in gestational age, birth weight, mortality rate, pneumothorax, Brunch-Pulmonary Dysplasia (BPD), Intra Ventricular Hemorrhage (IVH) and the mean duration of hospitalization between two groups. But in repeating dose of Survanta group with 67.7% was higher than Curosurf group with 32.3% (p=0.043) and in mean duration of ventilation Survanta group with 8 days was lower than Curosurf group with 10.5 days (P=0.001). Results showed in treatment of RDS in preterm infants each of two groups had similar sideeffects but the need for repeated doses in Curosurf group and need for ventilation in Survanta group is less than others . 

Keywords: Preterm infants, respiratory distress syndrome, surfactant, efficacy.

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