Author: Kürşad ASAN, Hüseyin KURT

Publishing Date: 2008

ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume 23 Issue 2


Volcanic rocks named as Kulu-Karacadağ volcanites cover large areas in the Kulu(Konya)-Haymana (Ankara) area. This volcanites are composed of large volumes of andesitic-daciticlavas and pyroclastics with small volumes of alkali basalt to trachydacite lavas. In this study, 40Ar/39Arage data of nine samples obtained from the Kulu-Karacada volcanites were presented. Obtained informations reveal the plato age of the volcanites. Results conforming to field observations pointthat the Kulu-Karacada volcanites are Early Miocene (18-21 Ma) in age.

Key Words: Kulu-Karacadağ Volcanites; 40Ar/39 Geochronology

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