Author: Rahmi AKSOY, Ali BOZDAĞ

Publishing Date: 2008

ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume: 23 Issue: 2


Paleozoic metamorphites crop out under the Miocene-Pliocene cover rocks in the southeastern part of the SultandaÂlarÍ Massif between DoÂanhisar and Hüyük. In this study, phases of deformation accompanied the metamorphism of the massif were determined.

The rock units of the massif experienced regional metamorphism under the greenschist facies have undergone three phases of deformation during the Alpine orogeny. These are, in sequence, (1) schistosity planes, (2) NW-SE trending sub-horizontal, gently inclined isoclinal folds and crenulationlineations and (3) NE-SW trending moderately inclined and plunging, isocinal and similar folds. The second and third phases caused to develop type-2 and type-3 superimposed folding.

The study area has gained its present internal structure by uplifting, subsidence and block faulting, denoted as the F4-phase, since Miocene.

Key Words: SultandağlarÍ Massif; mesoscopic tectonic; superimposed folding; block faulting

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