Publishing Date: 2005

E-ISSN: 0255-7576

Volume 23 Issue 2


Under flood irrigation regime, the vertical and horizontal distributions of the coinhabitant nematodes associated with chamomile and jasmine were investigated. Generally, the highest population density of nematodes viz. Helicotylenchus sp., Tylenchorhynchus sp., R. reniformis and Tylenchus sp., on chamomile were concentrated at soil depth layers of 0-15 cm and 16-30 cm at the horizontal distance of just beneath the plant base (zero cm) and 5 cm from the plant stem. Also, the highest density of R. reniformis, Tylenchus sp., and M. incognita were found at soil depth layers of 0-15 cm and 16-30 cm at the horizontal distances of zero cm and 30 cm from the jasmine trunk. However, the highest population of Helicotylenchus sp., on jasmine trees was found at the same two soil depths at only a distance just beneath the plant trunk. These sites should be considered as the standard or best sampling points for such coinhabiting nematodes.