Publishing Date: 2005

E-ISSN: 0255-7576

Volume 23 Issue 2


Morphometrics and morphology of different life stages of Rotylenchulus reniformis populations from West Bengal, Orissa and Nagaland were studied. Considerable variability in different taxonomic characters of five natural populations was recorded. Evaluation of characters showed that stylet length was found to be stable character for the species as low CV value was recorded for all the life stages of R. reniformis. V %, median bulb, excretory pore, body width and head width exhibited least variability (CV<6) in immature female, while ratio a, b, m% and body length were found to be moderately variable characters (CV 6-8). In male, stylet length, median bulb, m% and head width showed a low degree of variability whereas DGO, excretory pore, anal body width, spicule length, ‘a’ and T% were rated as moderately variable characters. The second stage juveniles of R. reniformis exhibited least variations in stylet length, m% and median bulb. The mature female also showed wide variations in their body shape and size in all the populations. However, the Orissa populations showed lowest mean value in body length, body width, anal body width, a, and V %. Tail length, tail shape and hyaline portion in tail in immature female, female, male and juveniles exhibited wide variations. Those variations in R. reniformis may be considered as intra-specific.