Author: Cihan ERCAN, Cevriye GENCER

Publishing Date: 2013

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume: 1 Issue: 2


War tools and materials, which are an indicator of war strategy and development, vary with the technology. Modern Warfares in the information age, where near space and the space being used as a tool, differ from both the agricultural era wars, in which arrows and bows had been used as a tool, and industrial era battles, in which machine guns and tanks were employed. These characteristics influence this area of interest and area of influence in the area of responsibilities, and affect the ability and the necessity of modern armies as well.

Being able to perform reconnaissance and surveillance missions in the most effective and efficient way is reliant on not only having the knowledge to create and invent them as well as having them in the inventor but also the ability of planning these systems with a modern scientific approach. Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP), encountered during the assignment of Unmanned Aerial Systems\Vehicles (UAS\V) which is being used at the strategic level, can lead to elevated costs in the defense sector as well as other sectors. For this reason, the efficient solution of route planning is a very important issue to provide major cost savings and to observe the targets timely.

This study investigates the literature in “dynamic” route planning “solution” methods and defines the approaches for future “dynamic solution” studies of strategic UAVs which are being recently used in Turkey. Using this approach will increase the efficiency of usage of the UAVs and decrease the operating and project costs of them as well.

Key Words: Unmanned Aerial Systems; Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem Solution Approaches, Heuristics

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