Author: Göksel SARAÇOĞLU ve Ahmet YAPICI

Publishing Date: 2013

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume: 1 Issue: 2


In this study, the crack growth problem occuring on the bolted flange connections of a rotary dryer which is in the process of fertilizer production was investigated using finite elements method. At the end of the analyses, it was determined that the bolted flange connection type is the cause of stress concentration effect and this type of connection had an average stress which lowered the endurance limit. After preparing the Wöhler curve, fatigue life was calculated on the basis of theories of Goodman and Gerber. Instead of bolted flange connection type, mantle reinforced butt welding connection was developed and adapted on the dryer and stress analyses were repeated. It was observed that stress concentration and fatigue cracking problem could be prevented with the revision of the connection design.

Key Words: Rotary dryer; Goodman; Gerber; Fatigue; Finite elements method

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