Author: Mustafa ULUKAVAK, Abdulkadir MEMDUHOĞLU, Halil İbrahim ŞENOL, Nizar POLAT

Publishing Date: 2019

E-ISSN: 2687-654X

Volume:Issue: 1


Today, UAVs are used in a wide range of applications. Used as a data collection platform in the scope of cartography, UAVs are used extensively in the small working areas especially due to the fast, accurate, low cost, high resolution and ease of periodic measurements. Thanks to its advantages, the UAVs used in different disciplines are being used together with different sensors day by day and enabling new application areas. In this study, application of UAV with camera mounted in the archaeological area of Harran district of Şanliurfa is explained. The study was carried out on the ruins in the excavation area of the town of Harran. The UAV flight was chosen because the Harran Bazilica Church in the North Northeast of the region and the small mosque ruins in the southeast of the church have not yet started excavations. It is aimed to figure out the remains found in the archaeological excavation areas, modeling of the discovered remains and the topographical structure of the land. It is thought that the result products of the study may be a base for the excavation and restitution procedures to be performed in the region.

Key Words: Harran Bazilica Church, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Point Cloud, DEM, Orthophoto

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