Author: Mustafa Ulukavak, Abdulkadir Memduhoğlu, Halil İbrahim Şenol, Nizar Polat

Publishing Date: 2019

E-ISSN: 2687-654X

Volume:Issue: 1


There are many archaeological sites in the world from past civilizations. These areas, which are cultural heritage sites, have suffered severe destruction and deformation because of humanitarian interventions such as earthquakes and floods or wars. These demolitions and deformations continue today. Therefore, archaeologists try to document all objects of potential value that they uncover as a result of excavation. Documentation is also necessary for the identification and interpretation of the found objects, as well as for restoration and reconstruction, which are possible after archaeological excavation. For this reason, the documentation process is as sensitive as possible, without damaging the objects and requires the correct way. At this point, recently, fast and practical, very high-resolution images, low cost and repetitive use due to the unmanned aircraft (UAV) began to be preferred in documentation studies. In this study, UAV usage is given in the archaeological excavations of Urfa Castle.

Key Words: Photogrammetry, UAV, Archaeology, Documentation, Sanliurfa

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