Author: Ahmet TURAN

Publishing Date: 2007

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume 22 Issue 1-2


Schisty rocks known as Alanya metamorphics and Alanya Unit, taking place in the Taurides belt, is the base in Bozyazı area. In the lower part of these schisty rocks, the Sugözü Nappe, having high-pressure metamorphism, takes place. The Sugözü Unit, which completed its formation in Late Cretaceous, includes interlayered metaquarzite and marble and garnet mica schist, amphibole schist, phyllite and blocks of marble, recristallised limestone, metagabbro, metadiabase, and metaserpentinite blocks. The upper metamorphic part of the area is the Yumrudağı Nappe, which is metamorphosed by green schist facies. The Permian aged Cebelireis formation, consisting of marbles and recrystallised carbonates with interlayered chalk schist-mica schist is the lower part of the Yumrudağı Nappe. These metamorphic nappes are coverd with unconformity with flyschoids having the lowest metamorphism. These Late Paleocene-Eocene age flyschoids include conglomerate-sandstone-mudstone-marl-clayey limestone. On the above mentioned Alanya Unit is Hadim Nappe or Aladağ Unit with an important tectonic contact. The Hadim Nappe has reefal limestone lenses with quartzite and shale as the lowest part.
This sequence is covered conconformeably with rich interbedded fossiliferous limestone and quartzite carboniferous rocks. The Lower Permian sequence, consisting of oncholitic limestones, covers the carboniferous rocks conconformeably. Upper Permian sequence, including dark grey algaeous limestone with little amount of interbedded quartzite and shale, covers the Lower Permian sequence with disconformity. The Triassic rocks, which include recristallized limestone, marl, shale, and sandstone, take place on the Upper Permian unit conformeably. Early-Middle Jurassic age continental detritics, which consist of red-brown conglomerate-sandstone-mudstone, cover with uncorformity the Triassic and pre-Triassic units of the area. The Jurassic age sub-continental sediments, which consist of variegated mudstones and marls, are conformeable with lower continental unit. The Jurassic-Early Cretaceous thick carbonate sequence, which consist of dolomite, dolomitic limestone, and limestone; passes vertically and laterally with above mentioned continental and sub-continental sediments. This sequence is the uppermost litostratigraphic unit of Hadim Nappe. The whole diagenetic formations of the area are covered with unconformity by Quaternary aged talus and alluviums.

Key Words: Stratigraphy; Alanya metamorphics; Hadim Nappe; from Devonian to Cretaceous sequences.

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