Author: M.Yavuz HÜSEYİNCA, Yaşar EREN

Publishing Date: 2007

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume 22 Issue 1-2


In this study, it is aimed to examine the gelogy of Ilgın (NW Konya) and its northern part. In the study area the basement units are made up of Silurian-Lower Carboniferous aged Bozdağ formation that is composed of marbles and Devonian-Lower Permian aged Bağrıkurt formation that is composed of metaconglomerate, metasandstone, phyllite, recrystallized limestone and exotic marble blocks. These basement rocks are covered unconformably by Mesozoic aged units. These units from bottom to top are; Lower Triassic aged Bahçecik formation composed of metaclastics, Lower Triassic aged Ertuğrul formation that is in the form of alternation of metaclastics and metacarbonates, Upper Triassic-Lower Jurassic aged Kızılören formation that is made up of dolomite marbles and Lower Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous aged Lorasdağı formation consisting of dolomite marbles and calcitic dolomites. Mesozoic aged units are covered unconformably by the Neogene aged units. The Neogene aged units are in ascending order; Miocene aged Harmanyazı formation that is composed of claystone, marl, limestone and coal interbeds, the Upper Miocene-Lower Pliocene aged Ulumuhsine formation consisting of conglomerate and thick limestone, Pliocene aged Sebiller formation which is made up of clastics and Plio-Quaternary aged Tekeler formation that is composed of alluvial fan deposits. All the above mentioned units are unconformably overlain by the recent alluvial deposits.
The Paleozoic and Mesozoic aged units in the study area underwent poly-phase deformation andmetamorphism, and also gained cleavage structure due to Alpine movements. These poly-phase deformations, produced at least three phases of folding designated as F1, F2 and F3 in the Paleozoic and Mesozoic aged units. In the study area, in the Neo-tectonic period two normal fault systems were developed trending east-west and north-south directions. These normal fault systems formed graben and horst structures. In appeareance, north-south trending normal fault system cuts east-west trending normal fault system.

Key Words: Poly-phase folding; graben; horst; Alpine movements; Neo-tectonics; Ilgın.

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