Author: Ali̇ Ulvi̇, Ahmet Suad TOPRAK, Murat YAKAR

Publishing Date: 2017

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume: 5 Issue: 2


In recent times, the studies on the preservation of cultural heritage has become one of the priority issues.Residential areas established in different places since Human beings has passed to public life. Some of these areas, now in use as a residential area, some due to the changing conditions of life and nature has lost its residential property. In both cases, the residential areas have become either excessive urbanization or victims of indifference. Today, many historical remains of the city under the ground. Of the present historical sites, making documentation in its current form, recording by excavation work, transferring to future generations by preserving the historical value is very important.

In this study, obtaining of 3D model of theater and precision study was carried out on obtained model using kite photos of theater ,at Uzuncaburc Diocaesarea of the ancient theater in the Province of Mersin Silifke District. As a result, using photogrammetric techniques with unmanned aircraft, it has been shown to provide adequate positioning accuracy archaeological documentation. In this way, the production base of the excavation, before and after excavations modeling, monitoring of the development period of the excavation, working area detection and it carries the base may be qualifications of the restoration project.

Keywords: Kite Photogrammetry, 3D model, Archaeological documentation

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