Author: Hicran AÇIKEL, Fatih Kürşat FIRAT

Publishing Date: 2005

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume 20 Issue 2


In this study, the amounts of fine materials of Sarıcalar, Eğribayat and Göçü sands which are widely used in the city of Konya, were determined. ES (Equivalent Sand) method was used in order for the determination of the sand contamination in terms of fine materials and the optimum sand contamination. The compression strength of concrete was chosen as the basic parameter and 15x15x15 cm cubic samples were produced. Groups having 9 different ES values were constructed for each sand type and 3 samples were cast for each ES value. According to the results obtained from these experiments, the optimum ES values for Sarıcalar, Eğribayat and Göçü sands were found to be 79, 84 and 88, respectively. As a result, the most important finding that can be concluded from this work is that optimum ES value for sands is in the range of 80-90.

Key Words: Concrete; fine materials; sand contamination; harmful materials.

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