Author: Cevat İNAL, İsmail ŞANLIOĞLU, Cemal Özer YİĞİT, Ayhan CEYLAN

Publishing Date: 2005

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume 20 Issue 2


The default calibration values of EDM’s, which are given by manufacturers, lose up-todateness by time. Due to this reason, these instruments have to be controlled with specific interval. Instruments controls usually have been made by using control baselines, which are formed in accordance with H.R. Schwendener’s suggestion. The zero additive, scale factor, and phase difference function are determined by result of made controls. The control baseline has to be scaled to determine scale factor. Scaling can be done by Kern Mekometer 3000 high precision instrument as well as by GPS measurements. In this study, scaling control baseline had been performed by GPS measurements. The calibration parameters of SET2, Topcon GTS701, Topcon GTS229, and Sokkia Power SET2000 had been calculated by using control baseline.

Key Words: GPS; control baseline; calibration; scale factor; phase difference function.

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