Author: AUTHOR

Publishing Date: 2013

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume:Issue: 1


Human beings have tried to remove their wastes from their habitat since the first years of mankind. In the progressive years it was realized that the problem had not been solved by removing these wastes only from the living spaces. Because these wastes were continuing to pollute the utilized sources (like soil and water). Thus, the awareness regarding the requirement of the waste water having to be discharged without polluting the receiving ambient has been established and this has paved the way for the treatment concept. Process mechanism which has started with natural treatment has continued with physical purification, activated sludge system, anaerobic digestion, membrane systems and advanced oxidation processes. Today discharge of treated waste water into the receiving ambient is enabled by selecting the most appropriate treatment technology in accordance with the characteristic properties of the waste water and existent location. On the one hand, waste disposal without harming the environment is enabled on the other hand seeking out more efficient and cost effective systems is being carried on.

Key Words: Wastewater; wastewater treatment; activated sludge; advanced treatment

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