Author: M. ASLAM

Publishing Date: 2010

E-ISSN: 0255-7576

Volume: 28 Issue: 1


The effect of different relative humidities and osmotic stress on the survival of Meloidogyne chitwoodi and M.fallax second-stage juveniles(J2) was examined. Experiments were carried out at 250C. J2 of M. chitwoodi and M.fallax could not survive desiccation when expoxed to low relative humidities (RH) of 33%, 59% and 76%. Howere, survival of individuals of both species were able to survive low relative humidities for periods of only 5 min. In order to assess the effect of osmotic stress on the J2 of M. chitwoodi and M.fallax, five solutions of different osmotic pressures were used for experiments. The results indicated that survival of J2 of M. chitwoodi and M.fallaxwas minimum at high osmotic pressure of 807 m0sm/ kg. After exposue to the different osmotic pressures the revival of J2 of both these species was minimal after exposure to high osmotic pressure of 807 m0sm / kg compared with revival from lower osmotic stresses.which means that J2 of M. chitwoodi and M.fallaxwas either were killed or were moribund due to high osmotic stress.