Publishing Date: 2005

E-ISSN: 0255-7576

Volume 23 Issue 1


Present work concerns the nygolaim nematodes belonging to the genus Nygolaimus Cobb, 1913. Accounts of the morphology of these nematodes with particular eference to those characters which are of taxonomic importance have been given. Two new species, Nygolaimus neominimus and N. gigantus, from Sindh, Pakistan are described and illustrated. A list of valid secies of Nygolaimus is also given. Nygolaimus neominimus n. sp. collected around the roots of cotton, wheat and grasses from Lodhran, Punjab, Pakistan with L= 0.90-1.08 mm; a= 29.76-36.0; b= 3.51-3.83; c=43.82-58.95; V= 41.70-47.30%. It comes close to N. anneckei Heyns, 1968 and N. herishi Ahmad & Jairajpuri, 1980, but differs from both the species in having a small body, differently shaped lip region and tail. Nygolaimus gigantus n. sp., collected from wheat and grasses from Khiproo, Sindh, has L=1.98 mm; a= 43.56; b= 3.24; c= 56.43, V=57.80 %. It is closely related toN. papillicaudatus Heyns, 1968, but differs from it in having less set off lip region, shorter tail and stronger and longer tooth.