Author: Alican ÖZTÜRK, M.Muzaffer KARADAĞ

Publishing Date: 2009

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume: 24 Issue 4


Paleozoic and Cenozoic (Quaternary) aged metamorphic, sedimentary, volcanic and ultramafic rocks crops out around Yukarıkaracahisar (Banaz-Usak) village.

The Paleozoic Baybuyan formation occurs at the basement. The Paleozoic Arıkaya formation comprising crystallized limestones overlie conformably on the basement unit. Late Triassic- Jurassic Aşağıbelove formation and Çiçeklikaya formation having lateral and vertical transition with it rest unconformably on the Arıkaya formation. During Late Crateceous, Muratdağı melange thrusted on the older units. The Paleogene aged Küllücetepe formation overlies unconformably on the Muratdağı melange and underlies the Paleogene Ekinlik formation. All these formations are covered by Middle-Late Miocene Yeniköy formation having lateral and vertical transition with the Karacahisar volcanics comprising the Sarıtaş tuff member and the Fındıklı riodacite member. The Quaternary alluvium deposited unconformably over the all older units. The presence of chloritoids in the metapellites of the Baybuyan formation, the occurrence of “chloritoid+epidote+chlorite” and chloritoid+muscovite+chlorite” paragenesis and the absence of garnet (almandine) indicate “quartz+albite+epidote+biotite” subfacies of the Barrovian-type green schist facies metamorphism. On the other hand, rarity of garnet-amphibolites with their typical and distinct mineral paragenesis shows the highest metamorphism conditions in the Muratdağı melange. The presence of green hornblends in the garnet amphibolites and the typical hornblende + garnet + epidote + plagioclase paragenesis indicate ” quartz + albite + epidote + almandine” subfacies of the Barrovian-type green schist facies. This metamorphism occured under 350-500 °C temperature and 5-6 kb presssure. Following this metamorphism, the region underwent a low grade (greenschist facies) metamorphism whose effect can be seen on the Baybuyan, Arıkaya, Aşağıbelova, Çiçeklikaya formation and the Muratdağı melange.

Key Words: Stratigraphy; petrography; metamorphism; Muratdağı; Banaz.

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