Author: Faruk ŞEN

Publishing Date: 2009

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume: 24 Issue 4


In this study, a thermal stress analysis was carried out on cross ply steel fiber reinforced aluminum metal-matrix laminated composite plates. Different selected values of üniform temperature distributions were applied on 3-dimensional model as thermal loading. Laminated composite plates were composed of four orthotropic layers. The stacking sequence of layers were also chosen as symmetric [0/90]s and antisymmetric [0/90]2 orientations. Finite element method (FEM) was performed to calculate of thermal stress distributions. For this purpose, ANSYS software, which is known an effective program for solving the finite element problems, was used during the solution. The width laminated plate-to-the circular hole diameter, L/D, was selected as 5. According to results of the thermal stress analysis, thermal stresses are affected from increasing of uniform temperature loadings, stacking sequence of laminates and existence of circular hole.

Key Words: Thermal stress analysis; composite; metal‐matrix composite; FEM; ANSYS.

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