Author: Ayhan GOKTEPE, Hakan KARABORK, Emre AK, Seref CİÇEK, Feza KORKUSUZ

Publishing Date: 2008

ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume 23 Issue 3


Kinematics of the instep penalty kick to four different targets (50cm2) placed at the upper left (UL), lower left (LL), upper right (UR), and lower right (LR) corners in the goal. Five colligate male soccer players were examined for their knee flexion and ankle extension strategies. The swing, ball contact and follow through phases were analyzed by using a dual camera and Pictran software system. Results revealed that participants had significantly higher ankle extension while hitting the target at the UR (m=77.6 deg, sd=10.5) and LR (m=84.4 degree, sd=10.1) corners. In conclusion players presented similar knee flexion but not ankle extension kinematic strategies at the contact and follow through phases of the instep penalty kick to different corners in the goal.

Key Words: Digital photogrammetry; kinematics; motion analysis; penalty kick.

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