Author: İsmail Bülent GÜNDOĞDU

Publishing Date: 2008

ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume 23 Issue 3


Nowadays, the requirement of implementing the activities in social life and environmental introducing purposes with city guides is arised especially parallel to the development of computer technologies. Content of a city guide should include necessary and adequate introduction information about the relevant region rather than its using for addressing. After the interests of social events and human activities about a region determined firstly, giving answers to these details with a city guide in computer environment should be investigated. These requirements may extend textual expression about a historical or touristical place, introducing videos or from an animated advertisement to all types of spatial informations. In this paper, a part of city guide Project relating to Konya city which has the biggest city in Turkey is explained. The aim of the Project is to perform a useful guidance system that provides context-sensitive multimedia information to city visitors during their trips by using multimedia techniques which bring the computer systems more useful and organizing the social activities of peoples living in the city. For this point of view the system which prepared with Delphi programming language and providing location-based content information to users is introduced (Gundogdu, 2007).

Key Words: Tourist cartography; visualization; city guide; delphi and active X; historical heritage.

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