Author: Mehmet KAMANLI, Alptuğ ÜNAL

Publishing Date: 2018

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume: 6 Issue: 2


Many experimental studies were carried out to research about reinforced concrete beams, which are an important part of the structural bearing system. In these studies, simple support conditions were generally taken into consideration. However, it is known that the support zones of beams in reinforced concrete buildings are closer to the fixed support conditions. In this study, the effect of the change of support conditions in reinforced concrete beams on the beam shear behavior was examined. For this purpose, 4 full-scale reinforced concrete beam elements were tested on a 4 point loading mechanism. Two of these specimens were tested with simple support and two with fixed support. In order to determine the behavior of the test elements, load-displacement curves were drawn, stiffness and energy consumption capacities were determined and cracks formed during the test were examined. When the test results were examined, it was found that the behavior of the fixed supported specimens were quite different from the ones of the simple supported specimens.

Keywords: Reinforced concrete beams, simply support, fixed support, experimental study, cracking patterns.

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