Author: Salih BEKTAŞ, Mehmet Ali HINIS

Publishing Date: 2008

ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume 23 Issue 3


Based on the database on traffic accidents in 2005, there were 4525 fatalities and 154094 injured in traffic accidents in Turkey. Out of 25,6% of fatalities, 50,52% of injuries and 60,3% of physical damages occurred in urban roads traffic accidents. Physical damages cost more than 1 million TL. In the present study, 15 parameters were investigated in part of traffic accidents in urban roads of Aksaray city in which car driver (SC) and pedestrian, cyclist or motorcyclist (PCM) are involved and descriptive statistical results were given. The second part of the study was focused on only in car accidents. Accident results were classified as physical damages and others (fatalities or injuries) and a logistic regression model was constructed by taking accident results as dependent variable. Six effective factors (season, time, pavement type, surface type of road, age of driver, and experience of driver) were determined as important to define the accident results and kept in the logistic model. Effects of independent factors on dependent factor were determined as a result of logistic regression analysis.

Key Words: Urban traffic accident;Aksaray example; Logistic regression.

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