Author: Banu Öztürk KURTASLAN, Murat E. YAZGAN

Publishing Date: 2005

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume 20 Issue 1


In urban environments green areas play an important part in forming good quality environments with their ecological, economical, physical, social and aesthetic functions. Open and green area systems contribute the formation of urban communities by creating more livable environments. In this reseearch open and green areas have been searched in the frame of urban planning. New ideas on “open and green area system” have been developed. So, open and green area system is consist of three seperate system components as “spatial, social and time”. The spatial system of open and green areas is related to their spatial connections. For forming a spatial system that is related to open and green areas, these areas must design as linked with each other and be costituted a spatial cotinuity. The system from the social point of view is related to the distribution of open and green areas according to the settlement hierarchy and social requirement. The system from the time point of view is constituted with providing the historical continuity of open and green areas and their improvement. In Kayseri City, spatial continuity of open and green areas haven’t been provided. However, on the urban complex scale, there are important potential areas for forming an open and green area system in the vicinity of the city. Butthese areas are under the threat of urban development. With an approach that is largely aboutconservation, a continuity that is related to time, can be provided. When the subject is considered fromthe social point of view, it can be seen that open and green areas are not enough in different scales in thecity. With the precautions that will be taken, an open and green area system can be provide in Kayseriurban complex. In this context, the results of the research present recommendations for an effective use of urban open and green areas of Kayseri for urban inhabitants.

Key Words: Open space; green space; urban open space; urban green space; urban open and green area system; urban landscape planning; urban ecology.

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