Author: Mine ULUSOY, H.Derya ASLAN

Publishing Date: 2016

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume 4 Issue 1


Today education is a system that is adaptable to changes and can be together with its environment. To be at the desired level in contemporary information society, the required attention for the development of education must be paid. Economic development and the social structure it formed give the education its shape as a basic outside factor in every country. In our country also, a big reform was done in educational area in 1997, the obligatory primary education which was for five years was changed to be eight years obligatory basic education as combined with the three years secondary education. The primary education of eight years which was firstly started in pilot areas, was made to be continiously obligatory in all over the country by the means of the law accepted in 16.08.1998. Right along with the education programs, the school buildings are also started to be considered again in scope of this important change in the system. So, the solutions for both existing and newly constructed buildings started to be offered. Solutions are like; the adaptation of existing primary schools to the program of eight years with some kind of physical changes (e.g. to make changes in the opportinuties the spaces give, additional building or additional floor construction) or building new school spaces. This research includes the evaluation and the solution offers of the examples of the existing school buildings adapted to new system in central districts of the city of Konya.

Key Words: education; basic education; design of primary education buildings; flexibility in primary education buildings.

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