Author: Fatih CANAN, İbrahim BAKIR

Publishing Date: 2008

ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume 23 Issue 1


The matter of this study is about the control of the insolation on housing settlements with solar envelope method. Analysis and improving studies was carried out using the method of solar envelope in two typical mass housing settlements selected in Konya. In the phase of analysis, the potential of making shade of buildings both in its own and towards the surrounding buildings located in the near environment were defined with buildings proportions exceeding volumetric limit of solar envelopes. Multiple alternative improvement proposals were developed with the systematic increase of the number of building and the organization of these buildings in the studied area. With this approach, different density values and morphological features were carried out. With taking into account the insolation, it was shown that it is possible to carry out various options in a definite flexibility from the point of view of building density, building story number and its morphological features in a given site.

Key Words: Mass housing settlement; Insolation; Solar envelope; Energy efficiency; Architectural design

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