Author: Navneet Nagpal, Manisha Arora, Gaurav Swami, Rageeb and Reni Kapoor

Publishing Date: 2016

E-ISSN: 1011-601X

Volume: 29 Issue: 4


In recent past scientists are moving for the novel herbal medicines for treatment of almost all diseases as they have no or lesser adverse effects as compared with modern allopathic medicines. The potency of any dosage form is depending on effective drug delivery level of any therapeutically active drug molecule. Phytosome is a novel approach to drug delivery system that produce more absorption and utilization than conventional herbal extracts and shows enhanced bioavailability. The present investigation is to prepare and evaluate phytosomes of Tecomella undulata using aqueous extract of its stem bark and lecithin. Solvent evaporation method was used for preparation of phytosomes. Phytosomes were studied for their evaluation parameters such as morphology, release character, drug entrapment efficiency, size of particles and charge on surface. Phytosomes were successfully developed and having unilemellar vesicles, good entrapment efficiency and drug release in nano sizes (up to 90%) and average particle size 153.2 nm with -23.7 mv charge on their surface. The results showed that the phytosomes can improve the bioavailability without resorting any pharmacological adjuvant or structural modification of the ingredients.

KEYWORDS: Phytosomes, Tecomella undulata, phospholipids

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