Author: Mustafa TÜRKMEN, Hamide TEKELi, Adnan KUYUCULAR

Publishing Date: 2006

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume 21 Issue 1_2


Cost variations of structural systems of RC apartment buildings in Turkey are investigated. 4-8 storey residential buildings are designed by means of PROBİNA software due to Turkish Reinforced Concrete Building Standard (TS 500 -2000) and Seismic Code (ABYYHY-1997). First cost of RC structural system of each design case is calculated due to official Turkish Unit Prices. Then formal approximate (statistical) lump-sum unit cost values already given are also revised in according to these cost estimations. Buildings having some irregularities built on good-Z1 (or poor-Z4 soils) considering most severe seismic attacks are all dealt to compare their costs with each other. The cost of 4 storey regular RC structural system on good soil (subjected the higest seismic risk) is taken %100. Quite remarkable extra cost (up to %20) of RC structural system will be needed for only irregular and high (more than 7 storeys) buildings which are built on poor soils in the areas of the highest seismic risk. The big part of this extra spending comes from structural irregularities of quite high rise buildings and even this expenditure does not exceed % 5 of total cost of the building. If it is necessary this %20 ultimate extra cost of structural system can also be enterpolated and reduced for moderate risk situations or soil conditions, since the cost of similar buildings can be taken as %75 when there is no seismic risk.

Key Words: Cost Estimation for Reinforced Concrete Systems; Cost Comparison for Regular and Irregular Systems; Earthquake Resistant RC Structures.

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