Author: Tahsin BOZTOPRAK, Osman DEMİR, Yakup Emre ÇORUHLU, Recep NİŞANCI

Publishing Date: 2015

E-ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume: 3 Issue: 3


It is aimed with this paper that investigating the land consolidations’ effects on agricultural enterprises. To accomplish this study’s aim, it was to explore 7 examples selected from Land Consolidation Projects of Kayseri Pınarbaşı which was completed before as case study examples for this paper. In the study, after land consolidation project finished, it was determined nearly 35% decrease in the number of parcels and nearly 35% decrease in the number of parcels per enterprise/farm. The proportion of parcels, which each of these areas is over 20 decare, was increased from almost 4% in beginning of the project to almost 6% at end of project. Effects of Land Consolidations on enterprises, which were selected as models for the study from seven units, which accounts for approximately 9% of the total enterprises and having 34% of total parcels, were examined. Following the land consolidation processes, it was determined some changes occurred in model enterprises selected and investigated for the study that reduction in the number of parcels per enterprises, increasing in average enterprise size, reduction in the processing time required for processing the land, reduction in the preparation time, reduction in time en route and total working time. Thanks to this study, it can be recommended that there is necessary to expand the land consolidation projects on behalf of eliminate the problems highlighted above in the agricultural sector in our country Turkey.

Key Words: Land consolidation, Processing Time, Total Run Time

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