An introduction on cerebrovascular aneurysms during pregnancy

Author: Khadije Saravani1, Zahra Mirsarzai, Monireh Sekhavati

Publishing Date: 2021

E-ISSN: 2823-2550

Volume: 1

Issue: 3



A cerebral aneurysm is an abnormal bulge in the cerebral artery that spreads where the blood vessel wall has weakened. Cerebral aneurysms may allow blood to leak into the subcutaneous space around the brain and cause damage to brain cells. Brain aneurysms can also be ruptured and can lead to serious and possibly fatal strokes. A cerebral aneurysm is known as swelling of a blood vessel in the brain. In the definition of these conditions, it is said that it looks like a hanging berry from a stem. In cases where most aneurysms do not rupture or cause health problems, samples that experience such conditions cause bleeding in the brain – hemorrhagic stroke. Intracranial hemorrhages have attracted much attention because of the increasing role of indirect maternal mortality and the importance of rapid diagnosis and treatment in reducing mortality, and since in many cases, they occur due to brain vascular aneurysm. The topic is also essential. When faced with an aneurysm in a pregnant woman, the decision about pregnancy, termination and termination is based on the indications of midwifery and decision making about the diagnosis and treatment of aneurysm based on neurosurgical indications.

Key Words: Pregnancy, Cerebrovascular aneurysm, Berry aneurysm