Author: Dünyamin GÜÇLÜ, Şükrü DURSUN
Publishing Date: 2007
E-ISSN: 2147-9364
Volume 22  Issue 4

Dynamic simulation is an important tool for the improvement of wastewater treatmentplant operation. In this study, dynamic simulation model of the Ankara central wastewater treatmentplant (ACWT) were evaluated. First, a mechanistic model of the municipal wastewater treatmentprocess is developed based on Activated Sludge Model No. 1 by using a GPS-X computer program. Artificial neural network model is also developed with the help of MLP neuronal networks based onback-propagation algorithm. Then, the mechanistic model is combined with artificial neural networkin parallel configuration. The appropriate architecture of the neural network models was determined through several steps of trainings and testing of the models. Both three models are performed withthe same data obtained from the plant operation and laboratory analysis to predict dynamicbehaviour of the process. Using these three models, by the purpose of evaluation of treatment performance, aeration tank MLSS concentrations have been predicted and the results have been compared. It is observed that the hybrid model approach gives more successful results and describes the operation conditions of the plant better than ASM1and ANN.

Key Words: Modelling; Activated Sludge Model No.1 (ASM1), Artificial neural network (ANN), Hybrid Modelling; Municipal Wastewater Treatment plant

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