Type Setting

Type Setting

JatsTech provides customized solutions to all our clients that come from various fields of industries. We use the latest digital technology to provide a rapid turnaround time with maximum efficiency. Our highly experienced team carry out digital compositions and typesetting of manuscripts and complex documents.

We offer full-service composition in an XML environment for convenient print or online delivery.

With a successful background in the publication of all genres, we can transform a manuscript document or a soft copy into finished source files, postscript or PDF with a professional touch. Each stage of the composition is evaluated to ensure that work is consistent and quality of work is maintained.


Our services include:

  • Book and document scanning to digitize data with high accuracy
  • OCR Conversion to transform images into eligible text while making sure the overall layout is not changed
  • Copyediting & Proofreading to eliminate language inaccuracies and positioning of data. If required we can rewrite to ensure accuracy and proficiency
  • Graphic Design of print or web medium created by our skilled designers to develop customer interest.


Our Typesetting Services Features

  • Chapter Heading Design
  • Font Selection
  • Right Indentation in Text Flow
  • Adding Footers and Headers
  • Inserting Drop Caps
  • Copyright Page Layout
  • Tables and Indexes
  • Bullets and Lists
  • Image Layout
  • Call To Action Pages
  • Front Page & Back Content Along With Dedication


We value quality service with customer satisfaction. To find out more about our Typesetting Services, Get in Touch with us.