Publishing Date: 2007

E-ISSN: 0255-7576

Volume 25 Issue 1


Two new nematode species of the genus Rhabdochona Railliet, 1916 based on male specimens, are described and illustrated here from Nushki, Balochistan, R. nushkiai n. sp., is reported from the fish Cyprinion milesi and R. watsoniai n. sp., from the fish C. watsoni. R. mushkiai is characterized by possessing a pair of cephalic papillae, 10 teeth, two small lateral spine-like deirid behind cephalic region, one on each side, glandular oesophagus much larger than muscular, spicules two, dissimilar, unequal, longer left spicule about four times longer than the small right spicule, broader anteriorly and narrower posteriorly ending into a small bifid knob, anteriorly connected with an oval cuticular piece by a threadlike extension. Smaller right spicule bi-lobed anteriorly, ending into a flat base posteriorly, caudal papillae are 20 pairs including 9 post-anal and 11 pre-anal. Tail is bluntly rounded, strongly curved ventrally. The other new species R. watsoniai has 8 teeth, a pair of cephalic papillae, are present, post cephalic lateral spine-like deirids, one on each side of body, glandular oesophagus much longer than the
muscular oesophagus, spicules two, unequal and dissimilar, longer left spicule about four and half times longer than the small right spicule, thick and stout anteriorly with a larger flat end, posteriorly ending into a flat end with pointed extension one on each side, small right spicule bipartite anteriorly with unequal
parts and flat posteriorly, Caudal papillae 17 pairs, 5 post-anal and 12 pre-anal. The above two species are different from all the previous species of the genus and from each other in the diagnostic features mentioned above.