Author: Mohammad Hossein Aarabi, Seyyed Mehdi Mirhashemi

Publishing Date: 2017

E-ISSN: 1011-601X

Volume 30 Issue 5


Aggregating of amylin as pancreatic deposition is connected with pancreas degeneration in type 2 diabetes mellitus. Suppression of the amylin accumulation and so instability of the pre-formed pancreatic β-amyloid, may be attractive curative goal for mediation of diabetes mellitus. Fluorimetric assay by Thioflavin-T was utilized for investigating the properties of melatonin and fisetin on the generation and instability of β-amyloid near to physiological conditions. The results showed that after 168 hours incubation by shaker incubator in 37oC, melatonin at 10µM and 40 µM repressed amylin amyloid formation by 20.1% and 27.5% respectively (p<0.05) and the similar values of fisetin inhibited the formation of β-sheet structure by 16.5% and 23.2% respectively (p<0.05).The obtained data also confirmed that amyloidal sheet opening was induced by melatonin and fisetin significantly (p<0.05). It may be concluded that islet amyloid cytotoxicity to β-cells may be reduced by melatonin and fisetin, and they should be important constituents of new drugs for diabetes mellitus treatment. 

Keywords: Amylin, Diabetes Mellitus, Melatonin, Fisetin, Amylin fibrils.

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