Publishing Date: 2008

ISSN: 2147-9364

Volume 23 Issue 4


The objective of this study is to measure, using digital photogrammetric methods, the angular changes in the wrist and elbow joints which are active in basic bow drives while playing the violin. This study consists of nine violin players. The Pictran software was used in the photogrammetric restitution. The wrist and elbow joints of the right upper extremity were filmed on a calibrated test field by using ametric cameras and then transferred to the computer environment. As a result of the evaluation of the markers in image, the movement angles of the joints as well as ulna and the fifth metacarpal bones were taken as the basis, and thus, the vertical inclination of the arm, forearm and hand were found out. The angular changes in the joint movements were reconstructed in 3D, and the results obtained were compared. When the standart deviations of the angular changes and inclinations are considered, it is possible to say that the angular changes do not vary much depending on the individuals, but, as for inclination, individual difference vary significantly. The fact that individual differences vary much in the playing techniques shows that to teach proper technique is so significant. When these active joints are used effectively and properly while playing, it will also help to eliminate possible problems in the future. In addition, it will, in a sense, provide angular standardisation.

Key Words: Digital photogrammetry; violin; motoin analysis; upper limb; joint.

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